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Price: 50.00 CAD
This is a wooden one player solitaire game done on our cnc machine. Hours of fun!! Comes with your choice of colour if marbles and instructions Great gift idea

Game of Nines 2 PLAYER GAME

Price: 50.00 CAD
This Board Game has been played for over 2000 years! It is also referred to as Nine Men’s Morris and was played in ancient Egypt. This Medieval game is fun to play and is truly a good strategy game.

Game of Surakarta TWO PLAYER GAME

Price: 50.00 CAD
This product is an age-old Indonesian Game that was played in Central Java. The game board is CNC routered and hand-finished from White Oak stained in a variety of colours. This game was played by the Indonesian people traditionally carved out in volcanic sand using a stick.

TRAVEL SIZE!!!! Games of Nines

Price: 20.00 CAD
Wooden 6X6 inch travel size Game of Nines. This is a great size to take in the car or on a mini vacation. Don't have a lot of storage at home for games? This is perfect!! This is also a great stocking stuffer. Our wooden board games are fun for all ages. This is a two player game and comes with glass marbles in a cloth bag and rules.


Price: 20.00 CAD
NEW!! For hours of fun for the family why not stock up on some new board games. This is the perfect size to pack for a weekend getaway. This is a one player game but can definitely become a challenge between several people as to who can get the best score. 6X6 inch wooden game board comes with glass marbles in a cloth bag and rules. This is the perfect stocking stuffer for all ages. This games also comes in regular size as well. Limited on storage space? This is perfect for that!!