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Fractal Wall Mirror SALE!!!!!!

Price: 135.00 CAD
32" x 39" Wall Mirror. Only 1 available. Frame is fractal burned and stained with a white background and black foreground. We are currently making more stock!!! Just message us to start your order!!!

Fractal Burned Wall Mirror

Price: 190.00 CAD
Fractal Burned and shaved Pine Mirror with stunning black stain and urethane coating. Dimensions are approximately 65” x 27"

Floor Mirror

Price: 120.00 CAD
This old growth oak mirror is flame treated and stained to produce a unique grey color. The wood density is extremely high. This mirror has a built in floor stand.

Fractal Burned Wall Mirror ORDER ONLY

Price: 135.00 CAD
Fractal Burned Pine Mirror with stunning white stain and urethane coating. Dimensions are 31” x 23 1/4”