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SALE!!!Pair of 2 - Old Growth Oak Side Table Set

Price: 450.00 CAD
These stunning side tables are designed in house. The wood is old growth oak coated with a crystal clear epoxy resin. The frame is made from quality cold rolled steel. Our TIG welding process produces the highest quality welds.

Claw Foot Decor Table

Price: 520.00 CAD
This decorative table is manufactured from old growth oak stained in a colour of your choice! The frame is high quality cold rolled steel and the feet are handcrafted.

Old Growth Birth Fractal Burned Side Table

Price: 420.00 CAD
Old Growth Birch Fractal Burned Side Table

Oak Side Table

Price: 300.00 CAD
This Beautiful Oak Side Table is one of our newest designs and it features a flame treated finish to give the wood a unique grey colour. The legs are made from high quality cold rolled steel tubing and are welded using a TIG process to achieve the highest quality welds. The twin floating shelves provide practical usage for charging mobile devices etc.

OAK - Ebony STAINED - Side Table NEW PRICE!!!

Price: 300.00 CAD
This stunning Side Table will add a stunning accent to any room in your home. We build these tables by hand with carefully selected wood.

Oak Accent Table

Price: 480.00 CAD
This Hallway / Entry Table is Flame Treated and Stained in a pickled oak which produces a stunning and unique appearance only available in a hand crafted piece!